Heatable Cuddly Heart
Finally, a heart that doesn't encourage bad decisions.

Heatable Cuddly Heart

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Key Features:
  • A cuddly, microwavable heart.
  • Infused with lavender fragrance.
  • Perfect gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.
  • Will not betray you like your actual heart does.
More Info:
Heatable Cuddly Heart

Share the love when you gift your favourite person this Heatable Cuddly Heart. Perfect for snuggling down with when you're feeling chilly or your uterus is giving you gyp.

Product Details:
  • Heatable Cuddly Heart
  • Filled with wheat and lavender
  • Can be used to warm or cool
  • Easily heated in the microwave - shake Cuddle Heart until filling is evenly distributed
  • Always place a cup/container of water in the microwave - gives moisture which prevents wheat grains from drying out and effectiveness after heating is maintained
  • Moisture is added to the heart./li>
  • Always place a cup/container of water in the microwave - adds moisture which prevents the wheat kernels from drying out and effectiveness after heating is maintained
  • Heating times: 500-750 watts - maximum 1.5 minutes; 750-1000 watts - maximum 1 minute
  • TIP: Always test on forearm for heat sensitivity - especially for elderly and young people
  • After heating, let the heart rest for approx. 30 seconds before using
  • For cooling: Place in plastic bag, seal and place in freezer - when needed, remove and remove plastic bag
  • For cleaning: Rub only with a damp cloth (let dry completely before next use)
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Instructions (German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish)
  • Dimensions heart approx. 23 x 22 x 3 cm; packaging approx. 25 x 31 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight approx. 730 gram
  • NOTES: Not suitable for diabetics or people with circulatory problems
  • Only suitable for microwave heating
  • Do not heat in the oven or unattended
  • Do not place directly on a metal rack or plate in the microwave
  • Make sure the turntable in the microwave can move freely, is clean and free of grease
  • Do not place on or near sensitive skin, open wounds or abrasions
  • .Do not wrap in materials, sleep with the product or use as a bed warmer - may cause overheating
  • During initial applications excess moisture may be released, so leave to dry overnight on a radiator on a non-combustible surface
  • Do not apply to the skin. /li>
  • Always allow to cool to room temperature between uses
  • It is recommended to warm the Cuddle Heart at least 1x per month
  • Store in a clean and dry environment away from heat sources

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