Heated Cuddly Sloth

The only sloth you should be putting in a microwave.
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Key Features:
  • A cosy friend to snuggle with on the sofa.
  • You can also freeze it for those sweltering summer days.
  • Made from 100% organic materials; contains grains and lavender.
  • He’s the slowest animal in the world, so won’t make you feel guilty for a few lazy hours on the couch.
More Info:
Heated Cuddly Sloth

Just like a real sloth, this Heated Cuddly Sloth is cute, cuddly, and warm. Unlike a real sloth, he doesn’t need to eat or poop, and will survive in the microwave.

Product Details:
  • Warmable Cuddly Sloth
  • Filled with cereals and lavender
  • Can be easily heated in the microwave - shake sloth until filling is evenly distributed
  • Always place a cup/container of water in the microwave - provides moisture which prevents the grains from drying out and maintains effectiveness after heating
  • Heating times: 500-700 watts - maximum 1 ½ minutes; 750-1000 watts - maximum 1 minute
  • TIP: Always test the forearm for heat sensitivity - especially for older and young people
  • To freeze: place in plastic bag, seal and place in freezer - when needed, remove and remove plastic bag
  • For cleaning: only rub with a damp cloth (allow to dry completely before next use)
  • Instructions (English, Dutch, German, Italian, French)
  • Dimensions approx. 21 x 26 x 4 cm; packaging approx. 25 x 31 x 4 cm
  • Weight approx. 850 gram
  • NOTE: Not suitable for diabetics or people with circulatory problems
  • Do not place on or near sensitive skin, open wounds or abrasions
  • Some excess moisture may form during the first few applications - leave to dry overnight on a radiator (central heating - non-flammable surface)
  • Do not heat in the oven or unattended
  • Always place in the microwave on a clean glass or ceramic surface
  • Always allow to cool to room temperature between uses
  • Do not wrap in materials, sleep with the product or use as a bed warmer - may cause overheating
  • It is recommended to warm the sloth at least once a month

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