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Key Features:
  • Who says bath owners have all the fun?
  • Fill your shower with invigorating scents as you wash and unwind
  • Four heavenly fragrances to choose from
  • Each box provides eight luxurious shower experiences
  • Waaay better value than an extortionate single-use bath bomb!
  • You may saaay I'm a steamer, but I'm not the only one...
More Info:
Shower Steamers

Up until now, bath owners have had all the fun. What with their fancy-schmancy candles and oils and bath bombs and bubbles and blah blah blah.

Well, here's something for the shower users!

The next time you need to wash and unwind, just place one of these miniature steamers in the corner of your shower and it'll release a heady and relaxing scent you as you shampoo.

Take your pick from four invigorating fragrances:

  • You Got This - ginger, pink grapefruit and orange scent
  • Wake Up - peppermint, rosemary and ginger scent
  • Chill Out - vanilla, jasmine and valerian scent
  • Hangover Cure - eucalyptus and peppermint scent

Best of all they come in a pack of eight so you can enjoy a multitude of luxurious shower experiences – suck on that yer rip off bath bombs!

Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Pop them in the corner of your shower and they release sweet fragrances as you wash
  • Each box includes eight shower steamers
  • Three heavenly scents to choose from
  • Make showertime as luxurious as bathtime
  • Measures approximately 8.5cm(W) x 8.5cm(H) x 4cm(D)

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