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On The Rocks Whisky Set

Premium connoisseurs whisky set
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Key Features:
  • Includes 2x rolling tumblers, 6x whisky stones, a velvet pouch, a set of copper tongs and a luxury gift box
  • Based on a centuries-old Scottish boozing tradition!
  • Preserve whisky's rich and complex flavours
  • Ready to cool your drinks in just a couple of hours
  • Won't melt and water down your whisky
  • Delicately carved from natural stone
More Info:
On The Rocks Whisky Set Legend has it that the term 'On The Rocks' is derived from an old Scottish tradition of taking stones from cold mountain streams up in the rugged highlands to chill their whisky without diluting or compromising its flavour. Inspired by this boozy Scottish folklore, our premium whisky set offers everything a real connoisseur needs to enjoy and enhance their favourite liquor.

Let's start with the Six chilling rocks, carved from natural stone and designed to cool your fine single malt, just like regular ice cubes, only without watering down those rich and and complex flavour notes. Just slip them into their luxury pouch and pop them in the freezer - within a couple of hours they'll be ready to go.

We've included a sophisticated set of Copper Tongs with a smart ridged edge so you can handle your ice-cold rocks with care and class. "One stone or two, sir?"

To complete this illustrious imbibing experience, the set comes with two rolling whisky tumblers. This pair of stylish 275ml glasses are designed to gently rotate without toppling your drink; the rotation helps to aerate your whisky and further enhances the flavours and aroma - plus it just looks effortlessly cool.
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • Rinse blocks before use
  • Not for use in large volume drinks
Product Features:
  • Preserve whisky's rich and complex flavours
  • Comes with six chilling blocks carved from natural stone
  • Based on the centuries-old Scottish boozing tradition
  • Ready to cool your beverages after just a couple of hours in the freezer
  • Includes two rolling whisky tumblers - 275ml each
  • Chills your drinks without affecting their taste
  • Comes with a luxury pouch to store your stones when not in use, as well as a set of copper-finished tongs to handle the cold stones
  • Measures approximately 32.5cm(W) x 15cm(H) x 11cm(D)

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