Killer Carnivorous Grow Kit

Making a murderer
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Key Features:
  • Nurture your very own housefly assassin
  • Save yourself from chasing them around the house all day
  • Kit contains everything you need to get growing straight away
  • Just add water, sunlight (and lots of pesky flies)
More Info:
Killer Carnivorous Grow Kit It only takes one fly buzzing about the place to seriously ruin your day – just ask Walter White.

Rather than chasing it around the room with a rolled-up magazine, why not grow your very own KILLER Carnivorous plant to take care of business?

This tin contains everything you need to cultivate a hungry little Venus Flytrap – all you have to do is add water and sunlight (and the occasional graceless housefly).
Product Details:
Product Features:
  • Everything you need to grow your own fly-munching house plant (Venus Flytrap)
  • Kit contains 1 packet of venus fly trap seeds and soil, just add water
  • The perfect way to keep flies at bay
  • Measures approximately 6.5cm(W) x 9cm(H) x 6.5cm(D)

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