Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate
No. Stop. Don’t
4.6 /5
Based on 15 reviews
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Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate

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Key Features:
  • The hottest bar of chocolate in the whole world
  • Delicious chocolate infused with a 6.4 million Scoville chilli extract
  • Think you enjoy spicy food? Put your taste-buds to the ultimate test
  • May induce a scorching bout of uncontrollable hiccups
  • Check out the rest of our infamous Instant Regret range
More Info:
Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate Do you love chocolate? Do you love chilli? Do you love feeling like your tongue is melting and your tears are on fire? Within this unassuming and sleek black packaging lies the supremely hot delicacy you've been waiting for – Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate.

We extracted the capsaicin (the hot bit) from the hottest chillies available, the resulting infusion burns like a thousand suns, and then we made delicious milk chocolate with it. Or at least, that was the plan.

If you’re the kind of seasoned curry connoisseur who asks for extra spicy, or the type to drizzle Tabasco liberally on everything, then this may well be a dream come true. However be warned, this ludicrously hot chocolate is not for the faint of heart... it’s not even really for fun. Strictly speaking, it’s probably not chocolate at all.

So just to confirm for anyone in the remotest of doubt – our Instant Regret Chocolate really is extraordinarily hot. The factory didn't really want to make it. It's fair to say that it turned out quite a bit hotter than anyone expected. Still, what is joy without pain – excruciating oral and internal pain?

Challenge yourself, and your friends. You won’t regret it.*

*Seriously, you almost certainly WILL regret it.
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • CAUTION: Chocolate contains extreme quantities of chilli and is not suitable for children, pets or the elderly
  • CAUTION: Do not put in direct contact with eyes or downstairs area, and wash hands after handling
  • DO NOT Eat more than a single piece until you have tested your tolerance
  • DO NOT Give to unsuspecting people without warning them
  • DO NOT Consume while driving or operating heavy machinery... or any machinery
  • DO NOT Consume if you have a history of heart problems, chilli terror or any other concerns about spicy food
  • DO NOT Consume without handy supplies of milk, yoghurt and other cooling food substances
  • Not suitable for children or persons under the age of 16... or over 16 for that matter
  • Keep out of reach of children
Product Features:
  • Made using 6.4 million Scoville chilli extract
  • Delicious milk chocolate
  • 100% free from palm oil!
  • Please note that at temperatures above 25°, this chocolate will go from minty to melty.
  • Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier (soya lecithin), flavouring (natural vanilla), 6.4 million SHU chilli extract.
  • Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids 35% min
  • Measures approximately 8cm(W) x 1.5cm(D) x 16.5cm(H)
  • Weighs approximately 100g

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Customer Reviews
4.6 /5
Based on 15 reviews
Got it as a gag gift for someone for Christmas, they thought I was trying to murder them. Then, to be fair, they bought some for me too. Let’s just say three hours later here I am on the toilet wondering where I went wrong in life. Defo does what it says on the box, since I did regret it instantly.
I gave this to my mom as a Mother’s Day gift. She absolutely loves it! She laughed so hard when she opened it and first read what it said. She put the packaging in the window so that everyone could see. Me, my mom and my auntie all had some of the chocolate and it tasted so sweet and creamy! Would really recommend this as a gift idea.
It most definitely is hot, but worth it. Have with milk please I'm warning anyone buying this. HAVE MILK.
Yep - it’s hot. Do what Luke said and have milk on standby, you will need it !
A friend from work gave me half of a small block of this nasty chocolate while I was trying to run a busy X-ray department. I was very pleased to have been offered some chocolate as I had been busy and not managed to entertain lunch.
My brain was not ready for the mayhem that followed..........I began by grossly perspiring from my armpits and other areas of my body that I didn’t know even had sweat glands. After a few short seconds, the oral heat and pain hit me. Until that day I was convinced that I had a mouth like asbestos, but clearly every material has a melting point! Mine had well and truly been reached.
The friend that handed me the chocolate started to panic and ran for the resus trolley, just as I began to feel faint. The phone was ringing but I was in such a panic that I ripped the receiver from its stand and shouted some random words of gibberish to the Accident & Emergency consultant on the other end of the line.
After about 10 minutes of gas and air, I started to come round and managed to finish my shift.
The next morning I needed a barium enema to line my bowel walls before I passed a huge molten log into the porcelain dish!
Thankfully the barium enema toilets at work have a special set up that allows you to flush even the most disgusting of sphincter trembles without the outside world hearing you steam press in your Calvins!
I booked myself in for a colonoscopy as I was convinced that I had managed to perforate my rectum in the urgency of clearing my intestines.
After 24 hours, normal life was resumed.
In future I will read the other reviews and take heed of the milk!
Thank you Mr Instant Regret.
A friend made me taste it, knowing I can eat (and love) hot food.
She never understood how I could eat 2 blocks, just like that; when, she swallows, a really little piece, to feel drops coming out of here face, with fire in her mouth ;)

Really interesting chocolate :)
For once, you understand; when it's said : Hot.
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