Final Touch Beer Tasting Set

A brewed awakening

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Key Features:
  • The perfect place to start your beer tasting journey!
  • Includes four beer tasting glasses - wheat, tulip, stout and pilsner
  • Each shape enhances the unique flavour characteristics of the beer
  • Wooden paddle for a distinguished serving experience
  • Handy guide covering food pairings, optimal temperature and more!
More Info:
Final Touch Beer Tasting Set It's time to go all-in on beer tasting.

We're talking meal pairings, cheese pairings, dessert pairings, pouring technique, swilling technique, optimal serving temperature, even the shape of the glassware – seriously, the shape can really bring out certain flavour characteristics!

This tidy little set contains a complete guide to beer-guzzling and comes with four specially-designed tasting glasses: wheat, tulip, stout and pilsner.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the lovely wooden serving paddle and take a leisurely row down a river of tasty beer discovery.
Product Details:
Please Note:
  • Delicious beer sold separately!
Product Features:
  • The ideal first foray into beer tasting
  • Includes a wooden serving paddle and beer tasting guide!
  • Comes with four speciality beer glasses - wheat, tulip, stout and pilsner
  • Beer-tasting, is there a better Father's Day present?
  • Measures approximately 46cm(W) x 10cm(H) x 21cm(D)

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