Ecocube Plant Grow Kits

Easy-grow plants for the reluctant gardener.
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Key Features:
  • Choose from 15 charming plants, from giant bamboo to lucky clover.
  • Just add water and you’re good to go.
  • 100% organic and compostable.
  • Growing your own little plant buddy couldn’t be easier.
  • Even you won’t mess it up, we promise.
More Info:
Ecocube Plant Grow Kits

The Ecocube Plant Grow Kits are the easiest way to bring a plant to life without needing to know anything about gardening. So simple they're almost death-proof!

Product Details:
  • ecocube plants in a wooden cube
  • Wood cube contains special nutrient granules, fertiliser and seeds
  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly
  • Simply remove the sealing sticker from the cube, water (approx. 30ml) and place in a bright place
  • Water the cube regularly (so that the soil does not dry out)
  • Total wooden cube can be placed in larger pot when plant gets too big (usually after 6-8 months) - cube composts and becomes fertiliser
  • Strawberry: approx. 12-18 days until growth, approx. 14 weeks until first strawberry
  • Chilli: approx. 12-18 days until growth, approx. 16 weeks until first harvest
  • Basil: approx. 7-14 days until growth, approx. 6 weeks until first leaf
  • Sunflower: approx. 6-8 days until growth, approx. 12 weeks until first flowering
  • Palm: approx. 10-14 days until growth
  • Giant bamboo: approx. 15-20 days until growth
  • Lucky clover: approx. 10-14 days until growth; approx. 8 months until the cube can be planted in a pot
  • Gingerbread tree (the leaves smell like gingerbread): put in the fridge for 7 days; approx. 14-20 days until first growth; approx. 8 months until the cube can be planted outside
  • Christmas tree: approx. 10-14 days until first growth; approx. 8 months until the cube can be placed outdoors
  • Aloe Vera: Cover cube with glass and do not let granules dry out; remove glass daily for approx. 1 hour to provide plant with fresh air; approx. 14-20 days until growth; approx. 6 months until cube can be planted in a pot
  • Chocolate flower (leaves smell of chocolate): approx. 12-18 days until growth; approx. 16 weeks until flowering
  • Orchid: Remove seeds from bag and place in glass with lukewarm water for 24h; then press seeds approx. 1cm deep into granules; approx. 2-4 weeks until growth
  • Heartleaf clover (leaves resemble purple hearts): approx. 10-14 days until first growth; approx. 8 months until the cube can be planted in a pot
  • Bees & Butterfly Meadow (with organic seeds): some of the flowers produce more nectar, others are great honey flowers or intoxicate the bees; with plants that flower at different times; approx. 10-14 days until growth; approx. 14 weeks until first flowering
  • Bird of Paradise flower (strelitzia): open Ecocube and remove sticker; take plant seeds out of the bag and carefully remove the orange, woolly aril with a clean knife; place the seeds in a glass of lukewarm water for 48h; then press the seed approx. 1-2cm deep into the granules; pour approx. 30ml of water slowly over the cube; place in a very bright, warm place and water regularly; cover the cube with a glass and do not let the granules dry out (keep the granules moist, not wet!); remove the glass daily for 1 hour to provide the seeds with fresh air; after about 4 weeks to 8 weeks the bird of paradise flower will start to germinate; about 4-6 years after cultivation flowering will start; after about 1 year the whole cube can be transplanted into a pot
  • Dimensions wooden cube approx. 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Weight per wooden cube approx. 195 gram
  • Made in Austria

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